Look at what you guys missed out on (For those who didn’t come)

Recently, part of the team went to Ruland Manufacturing in Marlborough when they generously offered to give us a tour of their factory floor. As most of you know, we used a few of their shaft collars and couplings during the season, so this tour really gave myself and the others a better understanding of how the different types of collars and couplers work. For example, I learnt that the bar couplers they make are very tolerant of angular misalignments, but cannot stand up to high torque applications. They also showed us a demo box of a few of the different types of couplers they make, and explained the benefits and draw backs of each. Then, their Vice President came to personally give us a tour of their facilities. We traveled the same path that a collar or coupler would take, going from stock all the way to a finished product. First, we saw the loading bay where they receive and house all their raw materials, typically aluminum, steel or plastic. Our guide then showed us the effort that Ruland takes to produce high quality pieces that we and many other teams use. The amount of precision is amazing, especially when you consider that much of the process is not computer controlled. In addition, at each step there are skilled machinists and operators making sure that their products are of the highest quality. Seeing firsthand the care and effort that Ruland puts into their products served as further proof as to why we as a team put out trust in their products and was a delightful and educational endeavor that I hope we can do again for future generations that come through WHS and team 4048.