NU Quick Build fest on Saturday 1/14


Michael, Kalle, Steffen and Rich attended the Quick Build at the Northeastern University.

Our goal to the Quick Build at NU was to be able to command our robot through the Drive Station/Dashboard.  I continue where we left of on Friday’s build and setup/install software/drivers on the Classmate Drive Station and Steffen’s and Rich’s development laptops.  After 6 hours, 4 different laptops and several engineers we can now successfully command the robot!  We also got some ideas from the senior engineers how to build

We had lot of troubles imaging the cRIO, we tried it on our Classmate netbook, An FRC engineer’s notebook, Rich’s notebook, Steffen’s notebook. Nothing works.  At the end, we installed on the Classmate JAVA SDK, Netbeans IDE, LabView’s imaging tool and were able to image the cRIO thru the Classmate successfully.

We also had lot of troubles loading our compiled JAVA sample program from NetBeans to the cRIO, kept getting SocketException.  It could not be loaded from the Classmate, Steffen’s and Rich’s notebooks.   Rich finally installed LabViews DriveStation drivers (credit card USB flash drive) and was able to upload the sample java program the cRIO.