Our 2015 Events

We’re now registered for two District Events for 2015:
Week 2 – Pioneer Value Event, Springfield MA, March 5-7, 2015
Week 5 – Northeastern University Event, Boston MA, March 26-28, 2015

Beantown Blitz, Northeastern University, Sat 6/28/14

Another great performance! Our second off-season competition and two more trophies! Today we used 5 new drive teams, each playing 2 matches in the qualifying round. The students then assembled one drive team to represent us in the elimination rounds.

We finished the qualifying round (5-5) in 12th place out of 24 teams and ended up as runner-ups in the finals along with the alliance captains Team 1100 (T-hawks from Northborough) and Team 1511 (Rolling Thunder from Penfield NY). Aside from coming in 2nd, we also received the Sharp Shooter award from the judges. I’m thrilled to see so many students getting the chance to participate; it takes guts to get out on the field!

DSC01813 DSC01816

In the interest of full disclosure, I would like to point out that the “mentor’s match” did not go so well… as we managed to drop our battery onto the field !