First weekend build session

Thanks to those who made it to this weekend’s build hours. We need these extra hours! Expect more to come :)

We made really good and important progress this week. On the software front, we were finally able to verify that we have full end-to-end capability – write our own code, compile it, download it and run it on the cRIO.On the hardware side, we showed that the design of the intake and vertical transport mechanism works. With those pieces verified, we’re able to move on and complete the project feeling more confident.

Here are some recent pictures.


Design gelling

Another good build night!

With time ticking along, we need to solidify the design so that we can order parts and start building. We have a Plan A and B, and even C and sometimes D for the core subsystems. We have a list of parts that need to be ordered (some research is still required) so we move forward.

On the drivetrain front, the dev laptop can now control the chassis wirelessly and the camera even works. The driver station has been reimaged; will need some more work before we can test it against the drivetrain.

Michael built a prototype bridge-dropper with a window motor. A wiring problem still needs to be fixed before we can test it.

We have new storage space on the black shelving against the wall behind new doors. Parts have been grouped by function.

The field Fender is done (more or less). The Backboard and poles still needs work.

As soon as I find some time, I’ll write some specs for the robot – that most important of documents that defines what we are doing, not doing, and optionally doing.

See you all on Friday!

NU Quick Build fest on Saturday 1/14


Michael, Kalle, Steffen and Rich attended the Quick Build at the Northeastern University.

Our goal to the Quick Build at NU was to be able to command our robot through the Drive Station/Dashboard.  I continue where we left of on Friday’s build and setup/install software/drivers on the Classmate Drive Station and Steffen’s and Rich’s development laptops.  After 6 hours, 4 different laptops and several engineers we can now successfully command the robot!  We also got some ideas from the senior engineers how to build

We had lot of troubles imaging the cRIO, we tried it on our Classmate netbook, An FRC engineer’s notebook, Rich’s notebook, Steffen’s notebook. Nothing works.  At the end, we installed on the Classmate JAVA SDK, Netbeans IDE, LabView’s imaging tool and were able to image the cRIO thru the Classmate successfully.

We also had lot of troubles loading our compiled JAVA sample program from NetBeans to the cRIO, kept getting SocketException.  It could not be loaded from the Classmate, Steffen’s and Rich’s notebooks.   Rich finally installed LabViews DriveStation drivers (credit card USB flash drive) and was able to upload the sample java program the cRIO.

Great start!

We started building tonight. Progress was made on the three facets most importa immediately: mechanical, electrical and software. The basic drivetrain is coming together. This is not the final base; just there to get things moving along. The electrical components are likewise assembled onto a temporary substrate. Lastly, the software is being loaded. All will be connected shortly to demonstrate that we can go from soup (program) to nuts (robot). Establishing that path will be a big milestone.

FRC 2012 is here!

The 2012 kickoff has come and gone. It’s time to get down to work. Below are some pictures I took from the kickoff in Machester NH of the kickoff presentations and the actual playing field.


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