Aim High; Land Softly

That’s our motto. A little silly maybe, but I said enough times that I thought it’d make a good tag line.

Aim High – as you never know what you can accomplish until you try it.
Land Softly – but always have a backup plan so you don’t crash and burn.

Bagged and Tagged

As of 10:07 PM, we are bagged and tagged! We still have the shooter held back for additional work but that’s pretty much it. Some pictures from today:

Take a bow!

We started this morning at 8:30 and ended tonight at 9:00. Kudos to those who made it happen. To sum up, the lift is awesome. The ball harvester/conveyor could use some tweaks with sticky tape but does relatively well. We have an up/down pivoting camera up front and can use to guide the driver to a ball or bridge.

Tomorrow we’ll look at adding some tie points for a mechanism to torque the front end straight (but it won’t be deployed until the shooter is mounted). That’s really about it! Just about time to bag-n-tag!

Take a bow everyone!


2 days left ’til Bag-N-Tag

More progress; no backwards steps?

Today we relocated the pivot point for the drop arms and added a stabilizer to tie the 2 drop arms together. The onboard compressor was used and all is well. The last test of the day was to actually drop the bridge with using the weight of the robot. So we still have some minor work to do here but I think we’re safely “done” for now.

We disabled 2 CIM motors to see what would happen when crossing the bridge. It wasn’t good. So the CIMs stay which means the shooter will need a different solution. We’re looking at using dual FP motors. This design and implementation will take place during the next 3 weeks and be part of our 30 lbs of baggage.

The conveyor got a little makeover – 2 new support rollers, some talc to reduce friction, some sticky tape but still more needs to be done. We need the balls to go up and down smoothly.


1 step forward, 2 steps back

Good news – the robot was able to lift its front end with 60psi pressure from the outside tank. We now need to test this with the onboard tank – this is top priority.

Bad news – the shooter is dead again. Turns out when we tested it last¬† using the outside power supply, the supply was turned up to max, which was close to 20V! At 12V, the ball just sputters out. Not good. We’re looking at alternatives scenarios. Also bad is that the conveyor, which was working fine as far moving the balls up (but not fine as far as the belt went) now has some slick spots where it won’t move the belt. We need to fix this as well.

you wind some, you lose some!

Major progress tonight!

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of everyone breathing again after holding their breath for the last 2 days. Tonight he ball conveyor was tested with the attached shooter. Balls were fed from the bottom and shot out the top.¬† One set of conveyor rollers needs a tweak.

The chassis lift mechanism is progressing (amazing how many hands can touch the robot at once). One side is done; the other side will follow soon.

Also done tonight is the “paperwork” we have to do via STIMS. This is required by our NASA grant. A few pictures follow. If anyone has any, post them!