Lenses on the camera

Over the years, I’ve collected a number of lenses (singles, doublets, entire units) from old camera lenses that I took apart. These have been sitting in a box doing nothing. Today Ryan and Brayden ran a little test. We placed each lens in front of the robot camera to see how it would affect the camera’s vision.

As you may recall the view through the camera is not particularly wide which limits the usefulness of the camera for driving-via-camera. With a wider field of view, this might be better. A wide view would also make it easier to spot the balls. We found only two lenses in the collection that had the correct profile – convex on one side, deeper concave on the other, for what effectively is a retrofocus design. Each increased the field of view but degraded the focus a little bit. Overall, it was promising.

The takeaway from this is that should the camera come into play in the future, we should not rule out making changes to the optics.