Wegmans STEM Event

The team did a STEM event at the Wegmans grocery store in Northborough on Nov-8-2014 from 11AM to 3PM. Below is Julia and Campbell’s writeup.

Thanks to Wegmans for their sponsorship! And to all the students – job very well done!

Robotics Team 4048 Wegmans Event
Campbell Brown and Julia Burke

On Saturday, November 8th the Robotics Team of WHS, Team 4048, attended Wegmans Grocery store in Northborough to do a STEM event. The team brought their robot to do demo’s outside the store, and set up stations inside including Optics, designing and experimenting with paper planes, and building and racing Lego cars.

The team performed demonstrations with the robot about every hour or so, and in the meantime drove it around to attract customers and highfive their children. Shoppers and their children enjoyed the mini science fair within Wegman’s, by the lunch area.

Many kids gathered, fascinated by the robots among other things related to science. “Mom that’s cool!” a little boy said pointing to the robot as they walked into the store, and he approached to learn more. The ultimate purpose of the event was to educate the public about STEM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education, and the different things that can be involved with STEM.

When speaking with the Wegmans service manager, he mentioned that Wegmans was interested in holding this event and sponsoring the team as a way to give back to the community. He feels that STEM is a branch of the community Wegman’s has never typically sponsored and is thus a new and different way to give back.

Wegman’s of Northborough was a perfect location for the team to interact with the community, and the team is thankful to Wegman’s for allowing the use of their store. Overall, the day way very successful and filled with learning for not only the customers, but also the members of the WHS robotics team.

(Above report in PDF form can be found here: RoboticsteamWegmansevent)

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