Savage Soccer

Savage Soccer is part of the WHS Robotics program. At a much smaller scale than FRC, it is a great warm-up for the FIRST season. It happens in the fall, and WHS goes to the competition at WPI. The competition is based around a game defined by students at WPI, who design a new game every year. Further information can be found at the WPI Savage Soccer webpage.

This year, kickoff will happen on October 19th at WPI.

The competition will be held at WPI on Saturday, November 23rd.

Build dates by the week (all are immediately after school):

  • Wednesday 10/16 (team kickoff)
  • Monday & Tuesday (10/21,22)
  • Tues & Wed (10/29,30)
  • Mon & Wed (11/4 & 6)
  • Tues & Fri (11/12 & 15)
  • Mon & Tue & Fri (11/18 & 19 & 22)